SO Clean Strata & Office cleaning

1998 Emilia De Sousa developed a business idea based on the growing need for domestic cleaning, pet minding and time management problems of the people of Wollongong – Illawarra area.  After further research of the area, this idea became a reality, and Emilia’s Home & Pet was created.

Following many requests from her clients she decided to introduce other demanding home services such as:

  • Ironing
  • Clothing alterations
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • High pressure washing
  • Lawn mowing & Gardening
  • Handyman & Painting

2007 after 9 years of providing quality service to her private clients, Emilia expanded her business by including a strata and office cleaning service in Wollongong, now SO Clean.

Get to Know Emilia

Her “let’s go” attitude, perseverance and experience made her and the company a huge success and able to establish a strong brand in the cleaning industry. Cleaners come and go, but you know that if somebody stays long enough in a competitive industry is because the return on experience, ethical skills and quality is working. Emilia’s clients always save money and time, due to the convenience of a wide range of services provided at a reasonable budget.

Media Exposure

Emilia De Sousa, media exposure

• Been featured on Illawarra Mercury Newspaper 3 times.
• Was featured on That’s Life magazine

If you would like to see what the local media or our clients have to say about us, please “Read Our Testimonials SO Clean and “Testimonials Emilia’s Home & Pet.

Trustworthy to maintaining an ethical and honest in how we deal with clients. To take responsibilities for our mistakes and to fair to our staff and all.

Reliable to deliver customer satisfaction by listening closely to customer needs, meeting their expectations and continually improving our service quality.

Experience to be the best in what we offer and create long relationships due to our value for money, customer satisfaction and for one stop shop convenience.

About Us July 4, 2013